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April Homeowner Checklist

Your April Checklist has entered the chat 📲

The sun is shining (when it's not raining), the grass is turning green (when it's not covered in mud), and the warmer temps are here (except when they're not).

It's all about perspective, right?

Remember that this month when you actively care for your home! Sure, it's work and sometimes it takes more time or costs more money than you wish it would.

BUT you are a HOMEOWNER. You've achieved something many people grow up hoping to achieve! Celebrate that this month!

BONUS: As you're working on things around the house this month, don't do it alone! Choose your fav playlist (Nesting with Grace Cozy Home on Spotify) or Podcast (House Rules by Myquillyn Smith) to keep you company as you tackle each project!

🆒 Schedule cooling system maintenance

🧹 Spruce up the front porch

🧽 Spring Clean & declutter

🚿 Test sprinklers

🪟 Wash windows

🚗 Clean out the garage

💦 Clean gutters and downspouts

🌳 Boost curb appeal

♻️ Clean out recycling containers

As always, I have the ENTIRE calendar year's Homeowner Checklist available for FREE at your request! Just comment CHECKLIST and I'll send it your way!

Meghan Snead KW Bartlesville


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