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Spruce up your kitchen on a budget

Before you reach for that sledgehammer....

Let's talk about these tried and true, budget-friendly kitchen reno tips:

• Don't ditch those cabinets! Painting or refacing can save you $15,000 to $20,000 compared to a full replacement.

• Elevate your walls with high-quality paint for a room transformation that won't break the bank.

• If your current kitchen layout works, stick with it to avoid pricey plumbing and electrical changes.

• Instead of hardwoods, consider copycat luxury vinyl for flooring that's durable, stylish, and wallet-friendly.

Intrigued by these tips? Let's dive deeper. Email or text me, and let's chat about how to turn your dream kitchen into a reality without blowing your budget. Plus, we'll take a look at the upgrades seeing the highest ROI.

Meghan Snead KW Bartlesville

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